Step into this ocean of belonging.

Around you there are beings who accept and love themselves. They float, welcoming the rising tide, accepting the ebb and flow of water with the insight of inclusivity. The many parts of them emerge in conditions of abundance, like a rainbow is visible only when the rain of suffering dances with the sun.

Sometimes they keep parts of themselves close, rocking them in the sweet lullabies of the waves. There is no shame or regret in these moments, just the recognition that conditions will not always be ripe, that they are enough unto themselves. That their witnessing and presence of those quiet parts are enough.

They are at ease with themselves and in service of their communities, giving and receiving in seamless exquisite flow, not keeping score. There is no comparison or counting of wounds here, just an ever present commitment to meet the rising moment with compassion and love. There is trust in the ability to meet what comes. Sometimes the feeling or thought is not pleasant, a headache or judgment arises. There is enough solidity that this too is welcomed in the soft lullaby of waves passing.

Can you enter this vast ocean of belonging? Like the pacific, this ocean may initially cause a shock to the system. Go slowly if need be, claiming space with trusted friends, building ritual to create containers of safety and ease. When you’re ready, the shock of salty ocean water becomes the most beautiful joy, awakening and refreshing this human body all at once. You become able to run head on into the ocean, stripping clothes and leaving shame on the shore. Claim the belonging that is your birthright, allow the water to sweep over you like the touch of the beloved ones, the ancestors who came before so that this run of infinite ease could be possible.

And when you’re ready to cross over to the other side, bow down in surrender to the love of the ancestors and the possibility of future descendants, making their run into cold ocean water too a leap of joy.