I am an innovator and social change maker
trained in mindfulness, resiliency building, and engineering.

I was born a few miles from San Francisco, California, to parents of Japanese and Chinese origin. I grew up with two brothers and a hand-sewn teddy bear, Rainbow. I use she/her and they/them pronouns.

My path

My journey has landed me in Israel and Palestine, teaching software engineering, mindfulness, and resiliency to young people across Jerusalem and Bethlehem. I am building an education tech company with the mission of increasing access to tech education around the world, starting in Palestine.

My dharma name, given at Plum Village by a monastic in the lineage of Thich Nhat Hanh, is Peaceful Embracing of the Heart (Tâm An Dung in Vietnamese). A friend later wrote an email shortening this to Peace Embracing Heart.

My values

Love is accepting whatever arises within me and around me, without needing to change it. Seeing my anxiety, shame, fear – whatever emotion it is – and taking good care.

When I slow down, I can build intimacy with this moment as it is. The stability of my feet on the earth, the nimble movement of my fingers across the keyboard. The beauty of stillness in this winter evening. When I embody wonder, I play. I jump in puddles, ask questions of the trees, fall asleep in cozy nooks.

To be free is to rest in non-fear. To know that everything is possible. To be fully myself.

We are intricately connected to each other and all things. To touch this recognition of interbeing is to know my own power and connection, to be grateful and humble all at once.