One day I want to build a company without borders, one where an Arab and an American and a Chinese can gather in a virtual space and build a better, more peaceful world together. Each paid enough to meet their basic needs, each with enough free time and autonomy to be creative and experience ease. Each with a purpose beyond themselves.

I want to live in this world, too, where the borders we create in our minds erode in our hearts, where my colleague, my friend is the person we demonize on the news. And we can see directly what is true and is not.

I want to build a school where the students come from every nation, where the very proximity to each other reduces hate, where there are daily sessions of mindfulness for stopping the rush, where we cherish and encourage showing up fully and create cultures of belonging.

I want to belong to a community like this, to build a society like this, one not governed by the rules of a small number of men but by noble ethics, where we care for all life, are generous and kind, consume only what we need, and show up for each other with presence and care.

I want to build that kind of world.