I come for myself, not you
My pussy is my own
My body is my own
How dare you tell me
That you were imagining a future for us
I saw us wandering the oceans and mountains
In your little car, getting married, having kids
How dare you fuck me if you were unsure
I fucking hate you
Hate you for sticking around long enough
For me to care
Why the fuck did you come to care for me
When I crashed into a tree
If you were only planning to stay for a little while
If you were going to leave
I trusted you to take good care of me
I trusted you to love me
Why can’t you love me?
What’s wrong with you? And me?

Maybe this is love,
just not the kind you were imagining
love that accepts that two different people
won't make each other happy in the long-run
and wants to give up now