I open up slowly, like a flower unfurling her petals
Letting go of the fear of being seen, relaxing into the
Sweet cascade of your fingers skimming over each
Region of my body, hills of my breasts, curve of my hips

My body is your landscape
Travel gently, so softly that no sound is made
So softly that you hear my breath catch as you
Stroke the softness of my inner thighs
Edge the ridge of my collarbone
And feel me tremble in your slowness

We’re not in a hurry
days could be spent with you
Just spiraling your fingertips over my belly,
Circling my nipples, biting me gently
Nowhere to go, just to be in this play
In this bliss with you

I try to stay still, to not run from the
intimacy of stillness,
Trying to allow you to see me
with nothing added and nothing held back
safe and afraid and curious all at once

Our bodies are tangled together
my cold feet, your long legs,
your lips on the arch of my neck
hands dancing, heat rising
I keep resisting the urge to touch your cock
Keep letting this moment be enough
In its fragile beauty, not wanting to rush

I relax into the bliss of you
The tender presence of your body against mine
The fire of your cock, your physical power
Gently teasing me, teaching my wet pussy
aimlessness on this cozy afternoon

Dear john,
I am learning to be in dialogue with your body
I love how patient you are with mine,
Respecting its boundaries, listening, perceiving,
saying, I am here
And I will wait for you

You don’t need to pleasure me, or please me
Or look a particular way, make any noise
Just let me see you as you are
Without pretense, letting go of the barriers
To feeling without hiding

No separation,
Just the sensation of two bodies
Intertwined, not knowing where your heartbeat
Ends and I begin.