Sometimes, I know it's hard to find a way out
trying to escape fear or anger or discomfort,
you doom scroll the news or swipe on the apps
until a nap or meditation brings you home

Here's a quick guide for things to try when all seems lost:

  1. wash your face
  2. brush your teeth
  3. comb your hair and tie it up
  4. take a deep breath and long exhale
  5. get an ice pack for your aching shoulder (or mind)
  6. step outside
  7. walk around the block
  8. take the dirty dishes from your desk/table/floor to the kitchen
  9. wash one dish
  10. take a sip of water (and fill your water bottle if it's empty)
  11. water your plants
  12. slow walking from one end of the apartment to the other
  13. throw away one piece of trash
  14. slow down enough to remove yourself from misery for one moment – something physical, not using technology