I created the visual identity, interactions, and user flow for my startup, Storystrings, a collaborative publishing platform. Users created stories out of photos and text, and published easily to beautiful blogs.

For the Story Library, I designed a right-aligned profile bar with a user's name, email, statistics, and cover photo. In the main column, the story blocks were auto-assigned colors based on those in the cover photo - making the page cohesive and colorful.


The Build mode was a particular challenge, as we wanted to allow multiple users to contribute pages of photos and text in real-time. We established a user hierarchy of story owners, collaborators, and viewers, and adjusted editing powers based on these roles.


The final result on Storystrings was a rich, horizontal-scrolling document, with photo and text pages from multiple contributors. This content could be published immediately in a single click to, the front-end to Storystrings.